Der Opernfreund, 1/16/2017 - Il Trittico premiere at Theater Aachen

...fine delicate tone, which Katharina Hagopian put on impressive display as Sister Genovieffa.



Opernnetz, 6/16/2016 - Bartered Bride at Theater Aachen

In the role of Marie, Katharina Hagopian exquisitely portrays the vulnerability and self-possession of the character, both scenically and vocally. A dewy-fresh voice of high lyric quality.



Westfalenblatt, 4/15/2015 - Recital with Nare Karoyan

... Katharina Hagopian let all her abilities shine - her splendid voice, able to illuminate with every nuance and shade ... wonderful and effortless.



Neue Westfälische, 4/14/2015 - Recital with Nare Karoyan

... a warm soprano, radiant in every color, that fills the room with its easy vibrancy; a voice capable of whispering like a summer breeze, one moment enchanting with its effortless legato and, the next, powerful like a lark soaring to the heights; an impressive interpreter who understands how to give expression to the thoughts and feelings of the great poets and composers. 



Grenzecho, 2/6/2015 - Freischütz premiere at Theater Aachen

... the grace and charm of vocal technique, brilliancy, roundness and purity of tone from the entire cast, above all Katharina Hagopian.



Aachener Nachrichten, 2/2/2015 - Freischütz premiere at Theater Aachen

... Katharina Hagopian sang Agathe with the finest timbre and perfect legato.



New York Times, 9/23/2014 – Alcina at the White Box Art Center in New York City

... Her voice full of heat as the sorceress Alcina, the soprano Katharina Hagopian was sometimes poignantly needy and sometimes a fiercely funny caricature of rage.



Aachener Zeitung, 4/7/2014  Alcina premiere at Theater Aachen

... Her phenomenal performance balances deeply emotional singing with stage presence, especially in her sensational interpretation of the aria Ombre Pallide



Online Music Magazine, 4/6/2014  Alcina premiere at Theater Aachen

... With her warm soprano, Katharina Hagopian interprets wonderfully the sorceress’s sufferings and presents her anger in a truly dramatic manner.



Aachener Zeitung, 2/5/2013 - Ariodante premiere at Theater Aachen

... As Ginevra, Katharina Hagopian projects the most distinctive and uniquely moving portrait. 



OpernglasNovember 2012 edition - Carmen premiere at Theater Aachen

... Katharina Hagopian, as a shy, bespectacled Micaela, sang her third act aria with such beauty that it ranked as the evening’s high point.



Das Kulturmagazin, November 2012 - Carmen at Theater Aachen

... yet one is stealing the show: Katharina as Micaela. Opposite Carmen, she almost commits suicide for Don Jose. She is the wall-flower, meek and provincial; but still waters run deep and Katharina Hagopian, with her acting and singing, succeeds in showing that deep waters in Aachen are so deep that a whole opera can be swallowed by them. A truly rare commodity!



Aachener Zeitung and RP online, 9/17/2012 - Carmen at Theater Aachen

... Katharina Hagopian as Micaela, sublimely sung with hauntingly beautiful colors.



Opera news, 8/8/2012- Falstaff at Festival Berbiguieres

... The best Falstaff this summer... Katharina Hagopian was a sparky Alice.



Aachener Nachrichten, 11/2/2011 - Matinee in Aachen, Mozart´s Contessa arias

... a singer personality with an individually, distinctively colored voice, paired with a creative drive and a wonderful legato, even in pianissimo, showing her ethereal top voice – a sound bite that makes you wish for more.



NZZ, 5/17/2011 - Matinee with Cornelia Kallisch at the Opera House Zurich

... How melodiously words can be formed was shown to us by Katharina Hagopian, one of the current members of the Opera Studio, who enriched Kallisch´s recital. She sang Alban Berg´s “Traumgekrönt” expressively, letting her smooth soprano unfold and fill the entire space with resonating sound.



Die Rheinpfalz, 5/20/2010 – award concert of the Wettbewerb des Kulturkreises der deutschen Wirtschaft

... With her finely nuanced, well-controlled voice and perfect intonation (Porgi Amor, Mozart), the second Prize Winner Katharina Hagopian compelled you to listen carefully. Her dramatic performance of Tatjana´s Letter Scene, where she melded completely with the orchestra, pronouncing the intimacy and intensity of the emotions, was the best of the evening.



New York Times, 5/5/2008 – Poulenc’s Dialogues of the Carmelites, Kaye Playhouse in New York

... Katharina Hagopian radiated a dignified piety as Madame Lidoine.